Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Statement Rede Feto iha Timor Leste Donor Meeting, 7 Abril 2010

Presentation Rede Feto Timor Leste in the Timor Leste Donors Meeting


Rede Feto Timor Leste is a national network for 24 women’s organizations who are connecting, informing, and supporting people and organizations to improve the lives of women and girls, and advance gender equality and women’s rights for sustainable development in Timor Leste.

On September 5 2009, Rede Feto spearheaded the conduct of the 3rd National Women’s Congress. The output was a Platform of Action of issues that concerns women. There were 7 thematic issues such as: Education, Health, Justice, Cultural, Economy, Media and Politic.

We would like to express our appreciation to the government of Timor-Leste for its efforts to promote gender equality and awareness of women’s rights within Timor-Leste. Specifically we acknowledge the increased number of enrolments of women in higher education, although we must also recognize that many women are forced to drop out of high school because of pregnancy.

Concerning health issues, we recognize and warmly support the efforts by the government to address the high maternal mortality rate in Timor-Leste.

We appreciate the government’s support for upholding the quota for women’s participation in parliament and public sector, however we acknowledge the need to encourage women in rural areas so that they can take a more active role as decision makers.

We appreciate the government’s efforts to promote increased access to credit, small business development for women and women as entrepreneurs but we encourage government to strengthen its efforts in rural areas where opportunities are still very limited.

We also appreciate the government’s programs to provide pension support for elderly people, scholarships for children of widows and its strenuous efforts to respond to the problems of internally displaced people.

Rede Feto would like to highlight the priority issues that we hope the donor community will consider in preparing their development assistance for Timor Leste.

Law and justice: PNTL and F-FDTL are institutions established to uphold law and order. We are sad to observe the involvement of PNTL in violating the statutes it is intended to uphold. The main victims of mistreatment are women and youth. Use of force should be the last choice yet it appears that PNTL is not yet able to interpret its function well. There is a sense that they cover up issues that might damage their image. There are also cases where PNTL is involved in protecting the interests of family members and this is affecting people’s sense that PNTL ‘belongs to’ the people. PNTL are not open to criticism, or to recognize and repair their mistakes. We urge the government to invest in in-depth training that will help them to fulfill their role in upholding law and introduce them to national and international laws protecting the rights of women, children and citizens; and commence psychological testing for new recruits. Using guns should be a last choice in dealing with the community, who are their own people.

Trafficking: There is still a lack of attention from the government and donor community to address human trafficking in Timor-Leste. There is no law to regulate this issue, even though reality shows that there is internal trafficking from rural areas to Dili and international trafficking into Timor-Leste. This is a difficult problem to investigate because of weak immigration controls and the networks to support these activities are strong. Victims of trafficking are existing in massage parlours and karaoke clubs in residential areas. This has an impact upon the local community. We are calling for attention from the local authorities, including immigration authorities, to pay serious attention to these issues by coordinating with civil society to conduct research into this issue, strengthening prevention programs and providing rehabilitation programs. We call for the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry to consider the social impact to the community before providing a license for a company to operate.

Corruption: Rede Feto congratulates and welcomes the creation of creation of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Timor-Leste. We acknowledge the government’s significant efforts in combating corruption by establishing an office under the Vice-Prime Minister to prepare an anti-corruption strategy. We also acknowledge the creation of the position of the Inspector General for dealing with this issue. However we see that they face a lack of human and other resources to investigate cases and many cases are still pending in the Prosecutor General’s office due to this. We are calling on the government to show their political will and provide assistance and resources that will allow these offices to respond quickly; and to strengthen these organizations so that they can carry out their duties without political interference and in an independent manner.

Women and Labour: Until today in Timor-Leste there is no law in existence to protect workers other than the Labour Code which is quite sensitive to the needs to women in the workplace, for instance in maternity leave, annual leave, support for breastfeeding mothers. However we have not seen any implementation of these regulations yet. Women do not have equal payment to men and their contracts are insecure. Many women face sexual harassment in the workplace. Many women do not receive maternity leave and are forced to resign when they are pregnant. We encourage government to monitor and follow-up seriously the implementation of the Labour Code and we urge government to adopt the ILO Convention 111 concerning fair remuneration for women. Conduct research to have exact data on these issues and take necessary action against private companies that do not comply with the regulations of the Labour Code.

CEDAW implementation: Timor-Leste ratified the Convention on Ending all forms of Discrimination Against Women in 2002. In 2009, the government of Timor-Leste sent a report to the CEDAW Committee and civil society sent a Shadow Report to the committee. At the moment parliament is in the process of ratifying the Domestic Violence Law. This will give a lot of support to domestic violence victims. National government is the main actor with responsibilities for implementing all aspects of CEDAW, however we are sad to see that this is not yet reflected in national planning and budgeting issues. For example, in the distribution of funds for civil society from the Prime Minister’s office, women’s organizations received very little support. In the execution of programs within the Ministry of Infrastructure there is no evidence of support and consultation or involving women in their programs. We also urge the government to strengthen support for women with disabilities and the many women who care for people with disabilities by signing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Finally, we call for the attention from the international organizations and the donors to look at the issues mentioned above in their program design and implementation, and to make sure that women are consulted and that their needs are included.

“As women, we want to contribute our thinking and idea for the development of our country. We have a dream that Timor Leste will have justice, peace, security and equality “

Dili, April 2010

Rede Feto Timor-Leste

Note : Attach the Platform of Action (POA) from Women Congress.

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Friday, December 4, 2009


Dili-Timor Leste/ 04 Dezembru 2009

Atu bele komemora kampanha 16 aktivismu kontra violensia hasoru feto, Rede Feto Timor Leste sei organiza atividade diskusaun publiku iha ivel distrital. Rede Feto hanesan organizasaun subrinha ba organizasaun feto 18 iha Timor Leste sei halo diskusaun publiku iha distritu Ermera no Manatuto ho konvida parte sosiedade hotu-hotu bele partisipa iha atividade ida ne’e.

Ita hotu-hotu hatene, durante loron 16 komesa dia 25 Novembru too dia 10 Desembru, nasaun hotu-hotu atu atividade oin-oin atu bele haberan informasaun no hametin komunidade sira atu bele kombate violensia kontra feto. Loron aktivismu ida ne’e hahu husi loron 25 Novembru ne’ebe mundu konese hanesan Loron Internasional Eliminasaun Violensia Kontra Feto. Ba tinan 2009, atividade kampanha Rede Feto nian foti tema hanesan “ Feto no Mane Iha Komitmentu Forte atu Hakotu Violensia”.

Atividade kampanha loron rua ne’e sei realiza iha distritu :


  • Kuarta feira, 9 de Dezembru 2009
  • Fatin iha Aula Administrasaun Distrital Gleno
  • Oras 08.30 too remata


  • Kuarta feira, 10 de Dezembru 2009
  • Fatin iha Aula Centru Juventude Manatuto
  • Oras 08.30 too remata

Programa :

  • Abertura husi Administrasaun Distritu
  • Aprezentasaun husi Direitora Rede Feto kona-ba Direitu Feto no Igualdade
  • Apresentasaun husi Assosiasaun Mane Kontra Violensia (AMKV) kona-ba Violensia baseia ba Jeneru no Kampanha Hapara Violensia iha Timor Leste.
  • Diskusaun ho komunidade
  • Taka

Ba informasaun klaru bele kontaktu ba :

Sekretariadu Rede Feto, Rua Bispo de Madeiros, Mascarinhas Dili (Univ. Undil nia Sorin)
Telf : 3317405, Email : redefeto@yahoo.com, Informasaun kona-ba programa ida ne’e bele haree iha ami nia webblog : www.redefeto.blogspot.com

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Dili-Timor Leste/Loron AIDS Mundial-1 Dezembru 2009

Tamba Sa Maka Feto Sai Vulnerável Liu ba Virus HIV/SIDA?

Husi resultadu peskiza ne’ebe Organizasaun Mundial ba Kombate Moras HIV/SIDA (UNAIDS) halo hatudu katak iha duni relasaun forte entre violensia hasoru feto no moras HIV/SIDA ne’ebe hadaet lais liu-liu ba feto sira. Feto hanesan sexu fraku ida kompara ho mane la iha poder/forsa boot ida atu bele rejeita bainhira sira nia laen hakarak halo relasaun seksual inklui halo relasaun seksual ho violensia oin-oin. Faktor ida ne’e mos sai hanesan kauza ida katak feto risku duni ba moras HIV/SIDA. Iha tempu hanesan, feto barak mos ladun hetan asesu informasaun ne’ebe diak no lolos kona-ba moras ida ne’e rasik.

Disigualdade no injutisa jeneru halo feto maluk sira la bele hili sira nia futuru, la bele hili sira nia laen, la bele hili bainhira sira bele kaben, oinsa sira bele halo relasaun seksual no la iha poder atu bele halo relasaun seksual ne’ebe seguru. Iha sektor ekonomia, feto mos hetan diskriminasaun boot tamba sira laiha kbiit ekonomia no halo feto sira depende deit ba sira nia laen atu bele sustenta sira nia familia. Kondisaun ida ne’e halo feto nia posisaun fraku tebes no seidauk aumenta ho faktus ne’ebe iha katak feto barak unalfabetu, laiha asesu ba informasaun, nivel edukasaun ne’ebe minimu liu inklui mos sistema lei nian ne’ebe ladun fo apoio ba feto sira. Faktus sira ne’e halo feto hetan risku boot ba moras HIV/AIDS.

Moras HIV/SIDA No Violensia Hasou Feto

Asaun atau bele hapara moras HIV/SIDA sai ona isue internasional ida. Iha nasaun barak, aktivista feto no direitus humanus sira tau ona isu ida ne’e sai hanesan parte intregadu ida husi kampanha loron 16 eliminasaun violensia kontra feto. Aktivista sira hanoin katak iha relasaun forte entre violensia hasoru feto no moras HIV/SIDA ne’ebe hadaet lalais.

Tuir Konvensaun CEDAW nian ne’ebe Estadu Timor Leste ratifika hateten katak Governo Timor Leste iha obrigasaun atu garantia feto nian direitu inklui feto nia direitu iha area saude repruduktiva. Artigu 12.1 Konvensaun CEDAW hateten katak estadu membru tenke hola medida hotu-hotu ne’ebe lolos atu halakon diskriminasaun kontra feto iha area kuidadu kona-ba saude atu nune garantia asesu ba serbisu kuidadu ba saude nune’e mos asesu ba planu familiar ne’ebe tenke baseia ba feto no mane nia igualdade. Artigu ida ne’e haforsa tan ho rekomendasaun jeral husi Konvensaun CEDAW numeru 24 pontu 5 ne’ebe deklara katak sirkunsizaun ba feto, virus HIV/SIDA, feto aleijada sira, violensia hasoru feto no iguladade iha relasaun familiar nudar parte intregadu ida reasiona ho obediensia ba artigu 12 konvensaun CEDAW nian.

Estatutu feto iha area saude ida ne’e mos haforte tan liu husi Deklarasaun Beijing 1995ne’ebe obriga nasaun hotu hotu atu bele implementa rekomendasaun husi deklarasaun ida ne’e. Iha sektor feto no saude, Deklarasaun Beijing mos hateten klaru katak nasun ne’ebe asina deklarasaun ida ne’e tenke foti asaun ne’ebe sensitive ba jeneru atu bele kombate moras HIV/AIDS nomos problema saude seksual no reproduktiva.

Saida Maka Ita Bele Halo?

Haré ba realidade katak numeru ema positivu virus HIV/SIDA iha Timor Leste komesa aumenta, ne’e duni presiza halo asaun preventiva atu bele hamenus número hirak ne’e liu husi programa integrada. Instituisaun hotu tenke involve iha laran inklui mos sosiedade sivil no familia rasik tamba problema moras ida ne’e laos deit problema governo nia deit maibe problema ita hotu. Iha parte ida, faktus hatudu mai ita katak ema barak ladun hetan informasaun kona-ba moras ida ne’e liu-liu ba feto sira. Iha parte seluk, ita mos la bele taka matan ba atividade prostituisaun ne’ebe buras iha kapital Timor Leste no fatin seluk. Hanesan linha ida husi virus HIV/SIDA bele hadaet ba ema seluk, problema prostituisaun tenke resolve lalais liu husi fo poder ba policia atu bele halao operasaun konjunta atu bele hapara atividade ilegal ida ne’e.

Governo mos tenke halao mekanismu ne’ebe diak atu bele prevene Timor Leste husi prostituisaun liu-liu prevene nasaun ida ne’e husi “invasaun” feto prostituta internasional ne’ebe diskonfia bele lori virus HIV/SIDA tama liu husi transaksaun seksual. Iha parte ida ne’e, diresaun Polisia Imigrasaun kaer funsaun importante atu bele prevene Timor Leste husi prostituisaun no trafiking Umano. Governo mos tenke tau matan ba Timor oan balun ne’ebe involve iha bisnis ida ne’e para ema hirak ne’e bele hetan kapasitasaun ruma ou serbisu ruma no muda sira nia atividade hanesan feto prostituta.

Governo mos tenke prepara fatin tratamentu ida atu bele trata ema sira ne’e positivu virus HIV/SIDA no garantia sira nia direitu. Ba asesu publiku, governo liu husi Ministeriu Saude tenke mos prepara fatin publiku ida atu ema hotu bele halo testu ba moras ida ne’e. Iha parte justisa, Tribunal tenke fo sansaun aas ba kazu prostituisaun nian para ema ne’ebe sai autor ba atividade ilegal ida ne’e la bele repete hahalok a’at ida ne’e. Presiza mos lei ida atu bele regula no fo sansaun ba ema no groupu ne’ebe involve iha laran nomos fo rahabilitasaun ema ne’ebe sai autor prostituisaun. Nesisidade ida ne’e hanesan obrigasaun estadu Timor leste nian baseia ba Konvensaun CEDAW artigu 6 , estadu membru sei foti medidas hotu-hotu ne’ebe loos hanesan legislasaun ka halo lei atu kontra makas forma oin-oin kona-ba trafiku ba feto no esplorasaun protituisaun ba feto sira.

Bainhira instituisaun hirak ne’e la bele halo sira nia knaar ho diak maka sosiedade bele la fiar ba sira nia funsaun tamba kondisaun ida ne’e bele haburas prostituisaun iha rai laran no destrui mentalidade sosiedade Timor Leste nian liu-liu familia sira.

Atu bele kombate moras ida ne’e, presiza mos fahe informasaun ba nivel sosiedade hotu-hotu liu-liu ba sira ne’ebe hetan risku boot liu ba moras ida ne’e. Ba familia sira mos, tenke hamoris respeita malu entre laen no nia fen. Laen sira tenke respeita direitu saude reproduktiva sira nia fen, halo relasaun seksual ne’ebe seguru no la usa violensia. (RFTL/ICP Office/Cop09)***

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Monday, November 30, 2009


Dili-Timor Leste/ Loron AIDS Mundial - 1 Dezembru 2009

Kada tinan iha loron 1 Dezembru, mundu tomak komemora Loron Aids Internasional. Loron ida ne’e hanesan loron ida atu bele kombate moras HIV/AIDS. Durante tinan barak, moras ida ne’e sai ona ameasa boot ba komunidade mundu hotu no halo ema rihun ba rihun mate. Lideransa husi nasaun hotu-hotu mos fo prioridade ba impaktu husi moras ida ne’e tamba laos deit daet ba ema ne’ebe hetan risku boot maibe daet ona ba ema seluk la iha risku hanesan donna da casa sira.

Iha tinan 2008, ema besik 33,4 milloen positivu moras HIV/SIDA. Husi numeru ida ne’e, persentasaun feto moris ho virus HIV/SIDA barak liu kompara mane. Virus HIV/SIDA bele hadaet ba ema liuhusi dalan oin-oin hanesan relasaun seksual ne’ebé la seguru, daet husi inan isin rua ne’ebe pozitivu HIV/SIDA ba nia bebé iha nia isin no ikus mai wainhira labarik ne’e moris, nia bebe mos pozitivu virus HIV/SIDA. Iha parte seluk, virus HIV/SIDA mos bele hadaet liu husi daun sona nian/jarum suntik. Virus HIV/SIDA bele daet ba malu liu husi transfuzaun raan husi ema ne’ebé pozitivu HIV/SIDA ba ema seluk.

Tuir estatístika Ministério Saúde nian hateten katak komesa tinan 2002 too tinan 2009 kazu AIDS/SIDA aumenta bebeik. Agora ema ne’ebe positivu HIV/SIDA ho total ema nain 120. Husi total ida ne’e ema nain 17 mate ona. Iha tinan 2008 de'it, tui dadus husi Ministeriu Saude rejista ona ema hamutuk nain 500 husi distritu ne’ebe deferensia hanesan Maliana total 41 mane 10 feto 31, Suai total 17 mane 13 no feto 4, Maubisse total 9 mane 8 no feto 1, Oecusse total 44 mane 32 no feto 12, no distritu seluk ne’ebe la temi total hamutuk 321 feto 77 hetan ona tes ran katak positivu hetan moras HIV/SIDA.

Sei ita kompara ho tinan 2004 ne’ebe iha deit ema nain 24 positivu HIV/SIDA maka durante tinan 5 numeru ema ne’ebe positivu HIV/SIDA aumenta too ema nain 100. Kada tinan maizemenus ema nain 20 hetan positivu moras HIV/SIDA. Iha fatin la hanesan, Daniel Marcal nudar Direitur husi organizassaun sosiedade sivil hanesan Church World Service (CWS), esplikasaun katak iha estimasaun ema 5.000 resin maka hetan ona moras HIV/SIDA iha Timor Leste.

Tamba Saida Moras Ida ne’e Aumenta Bebeik ?

Timor Leste hanesan nasaun independensia mos hetan impaktu negativu husi mundu global liu-liu husi ema internasional barak serbisu iha nasaun ida ne’e. Atividade prostituisaun ne’ebe barak akontese iha kapital Timor Leste mos hanesan kauza ida tamba sa moras HIV/SIDA aumenta bebeik. Husi dadus ne’ebe iha, moras HIV/SIDA daet barak liu husi relasaun seksual ne’ebe la seguru.

Ema internasional barak ne’ebe serbisu iha Timor Leste inklui osan dollar Americano ne’ebe sirkula iha nasaun ida ne’e halo prostituisaun sai hanesan area serbisu ida bele hetan dollar lalais. Kondisaun ida ne’e halao feto prostituta husi nasaun seluk mai no serbisu iha area ida ne’e. Husi peskiza Fundasaun Alola iha tinan 2004 kona-ba atividade prostitusaun iha Timor Leste hateten katak ema estranjeiru nain 148 husi nasaun 6 hanesan Indonesia, China, Filipina, Thailandia no Australia serbisu hanesan feto prostituta iha Timor Leste. Iha relatorio ida ne’e mos hatete katak feto Timor nain 100 mos involve iha bisnis a’at ida ne’e. Area prostitusaun hanesan area ida perigozu ida ba feto prostituta sira tamba sira bele hetan violensia oin-oin husi sira nia kliente inklui mos bele hetan moras HIV/SIDA tamba halo relasaun seksual la seguru. Hahalok a’at mane sira ne’ebe gosta ba fatin prostituisaun mos halo moras ida ne’e daet lalais ba ema seluk.

Problema prostituisaun ne’e mosu iha ita nia sosedade barak tamba razaun ekonomia. Kondisaun ekonomia Timor Leste ne’ebe sei fraku halo ema barak liu-liu ema sira moris iha fatin rural hetan limitasaun atu bele sustenta sira nia moris. Kondisaun ida ne’e aumenta tan ho sira nia inkapasidade no hare ba faktores fiziku ne’ebe fraku liu kompara ho mane. Tiur peskiza Fundasaun Alola nian iha tinan 2004, prostituisaun mosu barak tamba razaun ekonomia no violensia baseia de jeneru. Iha Timor Leste, fatin barak sai ona imajina a’at iha sosiedade nia laran hanesan fatin protituisaun lokal. Fatin sira ne’e mos bele sai fatin ida atu moras HIV/SIDA bele hadaet ba ema seluk bainhira estadu la halo kontrola ba atividade ilegal ida ne’e. Estadu Timor Leste liu husi instituisaun sira ne’be iha responsibilidade ba combate moras HIV/SIDA tenke proaktiva para moras ida ne’e la bele estraga ita nia sosiedade no ita nia futuru. (continua ba parte 2)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Dili – Timor Leste / Rede Feto Timor Leste / 26 Novembru 2009

Depois Eleisaun Lideransa Komunitaria (ELK) halao iha dia 9 Outobru 2009, Komisaun Nasional ba Eleisaun hatoo resultadu sira hetan ba Tribunal Rekursu atu bele hetan legalizasaun inklui mos hetan desizaun ba reklamasaun ne’ebe tama ba CNE. Maski durante prosesu eleisaun rasik, STAE hetan problema barak maibe ita bele dehan eleisaun ne’e lao ho diak.

Depois CNE hatoo sira nia resultadu Eleisaun Lideransa Komunitaria ba Tribunal rekursu, iha loron 18 fulan Novembru 2009 Tribunal ne’e fo sai kona-ba sira nia desizaun final ba Eleisaun Lideransa Komunitarian. Beseia resultadu ida ne’e, Tribunal Rekursu hatoo lista kandidatu Xefe Suku sira eleitu ho total 441 kandidatu. Tribunal Rekursu mos fo sira nia desizaun final relasiona ho problema ne’ebe akontese iha suku Raimea – Covalima ne’ebe entre kandidatu Domingus dos Reis no Jorge Pereira hetan resultau hanesan. Ba kazu ida ne’e Tribunal desidi halo eleisaun segunda iha Suku Raimea, Sub Distritu Zumalai, Distritu Covalima baseia ba artigu 33, 34 no artigu 35 husi Lei 3/2009.

Husi lista kandidatu Xefe Suku ne’ebe Tribunal Rekursu fo sai, husi total 442 suku ne’ebe iha, kandidata feto sira manan deit iha suku 10. Maski persentace ne’e kiik maibe lideransa feto iha nivel suku aumenta feto nain 2 kompara Eleisaun Xefe Suku 2004/2005. Durante prosesu kampanha, kandidata feto ho total 42 halao sira nia programa kampanha ida-idak atu bele manan eleisaun. Ikus mai kandidata feto nain 10 deit maka eleitu iha loron 9 fulan Outobru 2009. Ida ne’e hatudu mai ita katak feto hanesan sexo maoria iha Timor Leste seidauk fo apoiu total ba kandidata feto sira ne’ebe kompete iha eleisaun. Husi resultadu ida ne’e ita hatene katak feto hetan deit 2,262 % kompara ho kandidata mane sira ne’ebe hetan 97,738 %.

Kandidatu feto ne’ebe eleitu atu tuur hanesan xefe suku hanesan :

  1. Cristalina Quintao (suku Railako leten / sub disritu Railaco / Distritu Ermera)
  2. Filomena Soares (suku Fahisau / Sub Distritu Lequidoe / Aileu)
  3. Fransisca Monica F. Soares (Soba / Sub Distritu Laga / Distritu Baucau),
  4. Terezinha de Deus dos Reis (Bucoli / Sub Distritu Baucau / Distritu Baucau),
  5. Maria Lidia de Jesus (Gariuai / Sub Distritu Baucau / Distritu Baucau),
  6. Maria dos Carmo da’Sa (Suku Triloca / Sub Distritu Baucau / Distritu Baucau)
  7. Joana M. Da Fonseca P. (Suku Afalocai / Sub Distritu Uatocarbau / Distritu Viqueque)
  8. Rita Monteiro (Suku Liaruca / Sub Distritu Ossu / Distritu Viqueqeu),
  9. Maria Soares de Jesus Sousa (Suku Ritabou / Sub Distritu Maliana / Distritu Maliana)
  10. Maria Fatima (Suku Maudemo / Sub Distritu Tilomar / Distritu Covalima)


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Dili, Timor Leste / Timor Post, Kuarta 25 Novembru 2009/ p-12/Mj7

Vise Primeiru Ministru Jose Luis Guterres hateten Timor Leste tenke iha dever moral hodi partisipa iha kampanha ba komemorasaun Loron 16 Ativismu Kontra Violensia ba Jeneru ba Feto iha mundu tomak ne’ebe ratifika ona iha Konvensaun Jenebra.

“Timor Leste hanesan nasaun foun ne’ebe ratifika konvensaun ne’ebe kolia kona-ba diskriminasaun kontra feto. Timor Leste iha dever moral atu komemora mos loron ida ne’e hodi nune’e bele promove liutan feto atu bele atinji igualdade jeneru no halakon formas hotu hotu kontra feto iha nasaun ida ne’e, “ dehan Vise PM Jose Luis ba jurnalista iha ninia serbisu fatin Palacio do Governo, Tersa horisehik (24/11).

Rekomendasaun ne’ebe nia hato’o hodi husu povo Timor Leste tomak atu partisipa iha kampanha ba komemorasaun refere. Nia informa katak hahu husi tinan 1991 ema rihun ba rihun husi rejiaun hotu-hotu iha mundu tomak hola parte iha Kampanha Loron 16 Ativismu Kontra Violensia ba Feto.

Tuir nia, violensia direitus humanus sai nudar palavras de ordem husi movimentu feto nian no presiza atu rekonese tamba violensia hasoru feto afeita ba populasaun barak husi pais, rasa, klase, kultura no relijiaun hotu-hotu.

Kampanha Loron 16, katak Jose luis fo opurtunidade ba ema hotu-hotu atu serbisu hamutuk iha solidaridade no dada atensaun durante periodo international atu hetan suporta ba sira nia enforsu lokal atu halakon violensia baseia ba jeneru ne’ebe kompostu husi nasaun 158.

Vise Primeiru Ministru hatutan idea atu organiza kampanha ida ne’e mosu iha 1991 reprezentante nain 23 husi mudu tomak sorumutuk iha Women Global Leadership Institute (Institute Lideransa Global Feto nian) ne’ebe organiza iha Universidade Rutgers, Estadus Unidus Amerika desidi atu organiza kampanha komesa husi loron 25 Novembru ne’ebe hanesan loron internasional kontra violensia hasoru feto too loron 10 fulan Dezembru ne’ebe hanesan loron Internasional Direitus Humanus, tamba durante periode ne’e iha loron barak mak importante.*(ICP)

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Dili-Timor Leste/Rede Feto/Kampanha 16 Dias aktivismu Violensia Kontra Feto

Violensia barak liu akontese ba sira ne’ebe iha posisaun fraku hanesan feto no labarik sira. Iha Timor Leste nia istoria, violensia hasoru feto laos foin akontese depois ita ukun a’an maibe akontese iha vida moris feto nian desde tempo beiala sira too ohin loron. Komesa tempo liurai sira too tempo ukun an feto sira sai vitima nafatin husi hahalok violensia iha forma oin-oin hanesan violensia seksual, violensia domestika no seluk-seluk tan. Violensia domestika katak hahalok hotu hotu /ida nebe deit akontese iha familia ida nia laran ho forma la justu hodi provoka direitamente ka indireitamente ofende ka halao terus ema nia isin lolon, mental ka seksual ho finalidade hodi hatauk ema seluk nian.

Iha tempo ukun an, maski lei barak aplika ona atu bele protégé feto nia direito maibe violensia kontra feto akontese nafatin. Iha dadus hirak ne’ebe tama iha Vurneravel Person Unit (VPU) Polisia Nasional Timor Leste, hateten katak tinan-tinan kazu violensia hasoru feto sempre sai kazu a’as liu kompara kazu sira seluk. Ida ne’e hatudu faktor seguransa ba feto nia moris liu-liu moris iha uma kain seidauk garantia feto nia direitu. Uma kain hanesan fatin seguru ida atu bele eduka oan sira ho domin realidade sai fali fatin haburas hahalok violensia. Autor sira ne’ebe maioria mane uza sira nia poder hanesan xefe familia para hatudu sira nia dominante atu bele kontrola uma laran no dalaruma uza sira nia emosaun. Violensia ida ne’e barak resulta ema vurnerabel sira iha uma laran sai vitima hanesan feto, labarik, ferik, katuas no ema ne’ebe aliezadu.

Violensia ne’ebe akontese iha uma laran barak relasiona ho kultural patriakal ne’ebe sei metin no buras iha ita nia sosiedade. Kultural ida ne’e rasik moris husi jerasaun ida ba jerasaun seluk liuhusi praktika uma laran nian. Kondisaun ida ne’e sai ona kultural ida ne’ebe too ohin loron moris nafatin iha ita nia sosiedade. Maibe violensia laos akontese iha familia hotu-hotu iha Timor Leste, familia barak sei kaer metin komitmentu atu la bele usa violasaun durante eduka sira nia oan no moris iha uma laran. Husi familia ida ne’e maka bele hamoris domin, haree feto, labarik, ferik no katuas sira hanesan parseiru moris nian. Tamba ne’e aspeitu mane hanesan faktores importante ida atu bele kria familia kontra violensia, halo sira nia responsibilidade hanesan xefe familia baseia ba domin nian. Ho ida ne’e ita bele espera katak mane bele sira responsibilidade hanesan xefe familia ho kalma, tau matan ba sira nia fen no oan nomos eduka nia familia ho domin.

Hare ba kondisaun kultura violensia ne’ebe sei maka’as iha Timor Leste halao ema barak mehi atu bele moris iha kondisaun hakmatek nia laran no dook husi violensia. Ita laos la bele hakotuk sistema patriakal ho violensia ida ne’e, tamba kultural mosu husi atividade moris sosiedade nian no sosiedade mos bele hili no hakotuk kultural saida deit fo impaktu negativu iha ita nia sosiedade nia laran liu-liu fo impaktu a’at ida ba feto no labark sira. Sosiedade maka ita, tamba ne’e atu halo mudansa ba kultural ne’e presiza ita hotu nia partisipasaun no kolaborasaun. Kontribuisaun husi parte hotu-hotu importante para ita iha forsa boot ida atu bele kolia ho liafuan ida deit maka “HAPARA VIOLENSIA KONTRA FETO, AGORA”.

Iha iventu espesial Kampanha 16 dias aAktivismu Violensia Kontra Feto ida ne’e, Rede Feto hakarak konvida ita hotu feto ka mane atu bele fo kontibuisaun hari dame iha ita nia nasaun liuhusi asaun konkritu ida iha ita nia familia, komunidade no nasaun. Mai ita harii dame no hapara violensia hotu-hotu, mai ita harii kultural domin ida iha Timor Leste.

Dala ida tan ami husu feto sira bele hateten sai violensia sira hetan, la bele tau problema ne’e hanesan problema privadu ida. Violensia kontra feto hanesan violasaun direitus humanus ida no tuir Kodeku Penal Timor Leste nian, violasaun kontra feto hanesan krimi publiku ida. Mai ita fo liman ba balu hakotuk violensia hasoru feto. (Icp/cop)***

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