Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Conducted needs assessment to women’s desk in political parties

The Executive Body of Rede Feto has extended its programme to the empowerment of the women’s assembly or the women’s wings of the political parties in Timor-Leste. The objective of the programme is to ensure that the women’s organization in political parties are able increase their knowledge on the gender perspectives and women’s rights and how they are able to integrate them into their political parties’ policies and internal regulations. Given the importance of the programme, Rede Feto had approached the heads of the political parties at the National Parliament to discuss about the programme, which they have agreed accordingly to the ideas of Rede Feto. In line with this, the Capacity Building Officer of Rede Feto conducted a needs assessment with the women’s organizations in the political parties to discuss their needs and problems and on how Rede Feto can provide the necessary support. Together with representatives of the women’s organizations, we identified the training programes that are needed by them such as gender analysis, women’s rights, leadership skills, public speaking, and on organizational development. Rede Feto has also requested the support of UNIFEM and UNMIT in the conduct of the training.

Training on Gender and Leadership

On the basis of the needs assessment conducted, the Rede Feto Capacity Building Programme provided continued support by conducting a training to 50 participants from women’s organization in political parties such as CNRT, PUN, PSD, ASDT, UNDERTIM and PD. The training was provided in collaboration with UNIFEM, Caucus: Feto Iha Politica and Rede Feto. The participants were very enthusiastic in attending the training because they have gained additional knowledge and skills most especially in encouraging them to be more self confident. They have requested for Rede Feto’s continued support through training.

Training on writing a proposals and reports

The Rede Feto Capacity Building Officer and Advisor conducted a 1-day training on writing proposals to women’s organizations of political parties. The total participants were 15 representing. The participants are currently preparing their proposals for submission to donors and government to support their activities.



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