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REDE FETO TIMOR LESTE is built upon its constituency – 18 women’s oganizations coming from throughout the nation. It was established on March 10, 2000 during the first National Women Conggres. It endeavors to work from a member-empowerment frame work to strengthen the organization and advocacy capacity of the member organizations to enable them to impact in advancing the status of women and their participation in national development process. Secondly, Rede Feto sets out to advocate and upholds women’s rights and advance gender issues.

Rede Feto Mission

  1. Fight and depend the interest of women
  2. Empowerment women in order to archieve equality rights and contribute to development
  3. Promove women rights.

Our Vision
East Timor women are free from any of form of discrimination so that they are able to develop themselves, to advocate for their rights and are able to contribute to global development.

Our Goals
We envision Rede Feto as the leader in advocacy for women’s rights and gender quality in East Timor, have a strong presence among the national and international communities, have active and well functioning member organizations, have highly motivated and skilled staff in the secretariat, have committed and effective Board of Directors (BOD), a self sustaining organization creating lasting impact on the lives of Timorense Women.



Site Info

All informations on this site is prepared by Information, Communication and Publication Office of Rede Feto for public access information.

Rede Feto Timor Leste

Secretariat of East Timor Women Network NGO FORUM / FONGTIL Kompleks, Caicoli Dili - Timor Leste Phone : +(670) 3317405 Email : redefeto@yahoo.com

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